Jenna  Lukasik

Jenna Lukasik

Administrative Assistant

Jenna Lukasik is an Account Representative at Ryan Ferraro Agency Inc. Her peers sometimes refer to her as “Director of First Impressions” because she is the first person our clients interact with. She takes care to ensure that clients are satisfied with the level of service they receive and that all of their questions are answered appropriately. With her passion, drive, and level of expertise, she creates lasting relationships with customers and ensures their needs are being met.

She decided to get into the insurance industry after her experience with a friend, now peer at our agency, asked her to review her homeowner’s insurance policy. When Jenna purchased her first home, she chose a generic policy from the first company that came up when she Google searched for homeowner’s policies. Her experience as a customer of Ryan Ferraro Agency Inc opened her eyes. That experience sparked her interest and she realized that she, too, could help others not only find the right insurance coverage, but work with an agency that will build lasting relationships with them.

Jenna was born and raised in Cheektowaga, NY and is an avid Buffalo Bills fan! Jenna also enjoys gaming. She most loves spending time with her daughter. Her personal life mission is to be open and honest in all that she does!